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Manta Catamarans were in production from 1993 until 2009 and during that time, the company produced several different products, including the Manta 38, Manta 40, Manta 42, and the Manta 44 Power Cat. Though the boats are no longer in production, the Manta reputation lives on. In 2009, Brent Hermann wrote an excellent article about the History of Manta Catamarans for the December 2009 edition of Multihulls Magazine.

Here’s another great article published in Multihulls Magazine: How We Found True Love.

Approximately 127 boats were built during the production years and most of those boats are still providing enjoyment to their owners throughout the world. Click Here to see where the members of the Manta Owners Association are currently located.


Click Here  for a list of Newsletters from 2000-2001

If you’re looking for the specifications for the various Manta models, below are links that will help:

  • Manta 38
  • Manta 40
  • Manta 42, Mark I
  • Manta 42, Mark II
  • Manta 42, Mark III
  • Manta 42, Mark IV
  • Manta 44 PC

Several promotional videos were produced over the life of the Manta Catamarans company. Here is one of the last (and best videos):

And here is a slightly older video produced for the Manta 40: