Manta Migration 2014

Migration PastThe 2014 Manta Migration will be held April 1-5, 2014 in the Abacos, Bahamas. We will start in Marsh Harbor, make our way to Hope Town, and end up in Little Harbor. Each day will be filled with fun and interesting ways to spend time with fellow Manta Owners – getting to know our boats better and enjoying the beauty of the Abacos. Manta expert and designer Pat Reischmann will be on hand to provide a Rigging Clinic and there will be other surprises.


Event Schedule

(Click Here for more schedule details.)

    • Tuesday, 4/1, 5:00 – 9:00 pm  – April Fools Cocktail Party
      Jib Room, Marsh Harbor Marina
    • Wednesday, 4/2, 11:00 am – Rigging Clinic presented by Pat Reischmann
      Marsh Harbor Marina


    • Wednesday, 4/2, 5:00 – 9:00 pm – Party at Nippers!
      Great Guana Cay
    • Thursday, 4/3, 9:30 am – Skippers Meeting
      Jib Room, Marsh Harbor Marina
    • Thursday, 4/3, 11:00 am – 1st Irregular Reverse Crew Race
      Marsh Harbor to Hope Town (7 Miles)
    • Thursday, 4/3, 6:00 pm – Pot Luck Dinner
      Hope Town Marina


  • Friday, 4/4, 9:30 am – Skippers Meeting
    Hope Town Marina
  • Friday, 4/4, 11:00 am – 5th Irregular Manta Migration Cup Race,
    Hope Town to Little Harbor (13 Miles)
  • Friday, 4/4 – Open Night
    Little Harbor
  • Saturday, 4/5, 10:00 an – Skippers Meeting
    Pete’s Pub Beach
  • Saturday, 4/5, 11:00 am – Blind Dinghy Race
    Little Harbor
  • Saturday, 4/5, 3:00 pm – Foundry Tour
    Pete’s Pub Foundry
  • Saturday, 4/5, 6:00 pm – Pig Roast & Awards Ceremony
    Pete’s Pub

Tips on how to get to the Abacos

There are many options for getting from Florida to the Abaco and if you ask 5 people, you will probably get 5 opinions on the best way to get there. Our advice is that you give yourself plenty of time to get over and back. We’ve sailed on a schedule many times and while we always managed to make our time frame, there have been some uncomfortable days at sail when we would have preferred to be at anchor.

Once you get in the Bight of Abaco (starting at about Spanish Cay, if coming from the north), there are dozens of absolutely wonderful Cays (pronounced KEYS) that you will wan to visit. Give yourself some extra time either before or after the Migration to visit of few other Cays. Our personal favorites are: Man of War, Green Turtle, and Treasure Cays.


Mike Houghton (Manta 42, Sunshine 6) spent 10+ years working and chartering in the Sea of Abaco and has made the trip to/from Florida literally hundreds of times. He has written a great article that will help you in your planning.

Manta Mentor Program

If you’ve never crossed the Gulf Stream to the Bahamas and you’re feeling a bit nervous about making the trip on your own. We’ve got some relief for you. We have people that are willing to Mentor by offering to Buddy Boat with you and we have a number of Alumni that would love to attend the Migration and they would be willing to come aboard your boat help you with the passage in return for a boat to stay aboard. Whether you want to be a Mentee or a Mentor,  Click Here to register.

Marina and Anchoring Information

Click Here for details on each of the locations we will be visiting. Each location has multiple options, whether you prefer staying at a dock with full hookups or you want to stay at anchor. This document includes details so that you’ll know what to expect when you arrive.

Weather in the Abacos

April in the Abacos is generally great, with an average daily temperature of 81 degrees and water temperature of 75 degrees. Night time lows average around 69 degrees. It is possible to have a cold front pass through in April, so be prepared for cooler weather, but the all time low temperature in April is 52 degrees. The Abacos offers excellent protection from inclement weather, so even if we do get a cold front during the Migration, we’ll be in harbors that provide great protection and plenty of things to do. Here’s a good link to current weather in the Abacos: Barometer Bob

Racing Rules

There are two important things to know about the Irregular Migration Race series:

  1. The First thing you need to know is that all racing during the Manta Migration is intended to be FUN! If you’ve never raced before, that’s no problem. All you need to be able to do is sail (or even motor) your boat from point A to point B. And if you need help with that, we’ll get you to “B.”
  2. The Second thing you need to know is that protests are NOT allowed. Oh, you can complain and bitch all you want, but it won’t affect the scoring of the races! Refer to item 1 above — it’s all about having fun.

Need more information? If you’re a serious racer (or just morbidly curious). Click Here.

Other Contests/Events

In addition to awards for the Irregular Race Series, several other awards will be given out at the Awards Ceremony on Saturday Night.

  • Best Manta Customization – Proud of some modification that you’ve made to your Manta that you’d like to show off? This is your chance.
  • Broken Cleat Award – Sometimes things just don’t go as planned when you’re on the water. Enough said!
  • Manta Spirit Award – Enthusiasm counts – even on the water!
  • Other Awards as we see fit!


For the small fee of $125 per person, you get 5 fun filled days with fellow Manta Owners, plus 2 races, opportunities to learn more about your boat, and multiple parties. Click Here to Register.

Questions? Contact Clark Haley (210) 865-8622