MD2030B Raw Water Pump Rebuild Options

Here is an update on the Volvo raw water pump with the groove in the shaft. DEPCO is the best! They have the expertise and parts to repair the pump. Got the recommendation from the Mantatech board. Now the bad news. This engine, the MD2030B, uses an older Jabsco pump model and the “special” shaft costs ~$120, not the $30 of the updated pump. Other options to repair, like a Speedi Sleeve won’t work because of the notch at the end, or the taper, or the clip grooves. Anyway they said no sleeve. We also looked at getting the new shaft and modifying it as it was just a tad longer; no joy, the clip groove for the oil side seal was right where the lip seal was sealing on the old shaft. I asked if we could use a new updated body, that way I could use the cheaper $30 shaft, but that body was way over $300. So the bottom line, a fully rebuilt DEPCO pump, with shaft and new internals cost $270.  Expecting the rebuilt pump to be delivered tomorrow.
Larry Stewart
Go Lassie Go
Hull #8

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