Goodbye Pink Plastic Sinks

Shortly after moving aboard SeaQuell in 2012, we realized that not only are the pinkish ABS plastic sinks in each head ugly, they are also easily broken and/or stained. Should be simple right? Just order stainless steel replacements and problem

Cockpit Seating

    Starb Helm Seat on Savannah, Jim Johns   The pedestal is aluminum with Awlgrip finish.  The angle on the plate is something like 11 degrees but if you do this check the angle for yourself.   The box

Shock the Monkey

Shock the Monkey  by Cheryl Lezovich, Happy Times, #14, November 2013 After 2.5 years and hundreds of miles of cruising through the Caribbean, the carpeted walls of Happy Times looked pretty sad. The material, known as monkey fur, looked as