Goodbye Pink Plastic Sinks

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Shortly after moving aboard SeaQuell in 2012, we realized that not only are the pinkish ABS plastic sinks in each head ugly, they are also easily broken and/or stained. Should be simple right? Just order stainless steel replacements and problem solved. Not so fast! We’ve searched everywhere and even ordered a few sinks we thought would fit in the existing sink cutout. An oval 15″ X 12″. Well after many attempts, we finally found a suitable replacement. The sink is made by Sterling, a Kohler Co. The actual measurements 13 1/4″ X 10 1/2″. This stainless steel sink drops right in the existing sink cutout in the countertop with no modifications needed on our boat.

Removing the old sink can be tricky as the screws that hold the plastic tabs will likely be rusted and you will not be able to remove them. I managed to turn the plastic hold down 90 degrees and break them one at a time. I then removed the drain hose and was able to wiggle the sink out from under the faucet. Clean up the mounting surface, silicone the rim of the Sterling Stainless Steel sink ordered on Amazon already prepped with a Danco 88163 drain pipe and stopper assembly also purchased from Amazon. Reverse the removal process and clean up any excess silicone and you’re done.

2018-02-04 Sterling Sink Cut-Out Template