Forespar Marelon through hulls leak fix

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One of our Y valve through hull was leaking at the handle with the expected smell, when at the overboard and to the holding tank positions. I contacted Art Bandy at Forespar, California and received an immediate reply with instructions on how to fix the leaky valve handle.
Not only this but he is also sending, free of charge, the necessary O rings to do the fix. Apparently, these O rings are special and not the common type we will find at the local hardware store.

There are three O ring sizes, depending of the valve size and he is sending me 4 of each sizes… this is what I call excellent service.

The fix can even be done while afloat, as long as we put the valve at the OFF position.

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Michel and Vicki
s.v. ViZu
Manta 40 #45