Forespar Marelon through hulls leak fix

One of our Y valve through hull was leaking at the handle with the expected smell, when at the overboard and to the holding tank positions. I contacted Art Bandy at Forespar, California and received an immediate reply with instructions

Cockpit Seating

    Starb Helm Seat on Savannah, Jim Johns   The pedestal is aluminum with Awlgrip finish.  The angle on the plate is something like 11 degrees but if you do this check the angle for yourself.   The box

Steering Systems

This steering system manual was provided by Arden Dean, of Kisa. When he was having steering issues, the manual and drawings were very helpful.  Constellation Steering Manual

Shock the Monkey

Shock the Monkey  by Cheryl Lezovich, Happy Times, #14, November 2013 After 2.5 years and hundreds of miles of cruising through the Caribbean, the carpeted walls of Happy Times looked pretty sad. The material, known as monkey fur, looked as

Delta Marine – Seattle

Have large enough lift to handle Mantas. Do excellent work, Coastal Marine Engine, Volvo Rep, will come to yard to work on engines or saildrives. Expensive, but good work  

VolvoPenta D1-30B Workshop Manual – Electrical


Changing the Raw Water Pump Seals on the MD2030

Replacing Seals in the Volvo MD2030 Raw Water Pump Eventually, your raw water pump will begin to leak water or oil out the weep slot in the side.  This is the sign that it is time to change the seals.

B&G T1 Hydraulic Ram Repair

Article originally written by Steve Johnson On the way home from Mexico our B&G T1 electro hydraulic ram lost its fluid.  Fortunately, Scott Ligon posted several Mantatech entries from the archives on this subject.  That was a big help. A


Refurbishing Projects

Spar Painting and New Rigging- Jim Johns Savannah #23

We the spars and replaced all the rigging recently. So here a few things that are pertinent: 1. The mast tang for the headstay clevis pin was elongated so we needed to over drill and bush it with a 3/4″